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University of Birmingham - Summer School - June 2017 - Brussels

Published on 30/03/2017

IRiS Summer School 2017: Researching migration and integration in an era of superdiversity

Monday June 12th- Friday June 16th, 2017

The Institute for Research into Superdiversity (IRiS) is hosting its first summer school in Brussels in June 2017. The focus will be on examining drivers of, and responses to migration in an era of unprecedented flows into and across Europe. The programme will also provide an introduction to research methodologies designed to support policymakers, practitioners and academics who are working within migration and related fields.


Migration has dominated political and media debate and become a major focus of EU policy making. However, in depth understanding of the drivers behind migration and migrant integration processes is currently lacking. Such knowledge is introduction to social research methodologies and policy analysis, enabling participants to develop appropriate necessary to help shape appropriate policy and practice. This IRiS summer school will enable participants to enhance their knowledge of migration and integration in the context of superdiverse societies. The research-based programme will cover issues such as migrant health, social inclusion and cohesion, social anchoring and integration, access to welfare, xenophobia and Islamophobia, the refugee crisis, and child migration. The programme will include an examination of research methods that may support future policy making related to migration.

IRIS Summer school 2017 (570.86 ko)

Who is it for?

The programme is open to all parties working in migration and related fields but is designed with a focus on EC officers, civil servants, policy makers & analysts, NGOs, charities and third sector workers, academic teachers and researchers, postgraduate students and journalists.


The summer school is a five day full time programme of activity taking place at The University of Birmingham office located in Brussels. The programme will consist of a number of interactive talks, lectures and workshops covering the following topics:

- Superdiversity: concept, method, policy and practice (Phillimore)

- Migrant health & welfare (Newall)

- The refugee crisis: drivers, routes and responses (Sigona)

- The borders of citizenship (Sigona)

- Unaccompanied minors and other child migrants (Sigona)

- Islamic invasion or Islamophobia? (Allen)

- Rethinking integration and social anchoring (Lessard-Phillips)

- Researching migration, diversity and integration (primary research methods and approaches) (Goodson)

- Developing research strategies (Goodson)

- Researching migration, diversity and integration (secondary data and policy analysis- Lessard-Phillips)


The summer school is focussed towards increasing knowledge of the refugee and migration crisis in order to support policy developments taking into account the key social, economic and cultural drivers behind the migration flows experienced across Europe for a number of years and expected to continue. The programme will equip participants with knowledge about the social research methods appropriate to researching migration enhancing individual’s capacity to engage in the programme and in an ongoing professional capacity. These methodologies will support individuals to develop high quality research in migration and related fields to support policy recommendations and decision making across governments and related agencies and institutions.

Delivery team

The programme will be co-led by Dr Lisa Goodson and Dr Laurence Lessard-Phillips. Dr Goodson has been at the forefront of research exploring the experiences and consequences of migration in the UK and Europe. Common themes that cut across her research and teaching on migration issues include: integration and cohesion, poverty and social exclusion, gender and health, and approaches to welfare provision for migrants in an age of super-diversity. Dr Goodson specialises in qualitative research methodologies and has extensive experience working with a range of migrant and refugee community groups.

Dr Lessard-Phillip’s main research interests lie in the perceptions, measurement, and dimensionality of immigrant adaptation; ethnic inequalities in education and the labour market; transnational behaviour across immigrant generations; and social inequalities and social mobility. She is currently leading two Economic and Social Research Council research projects, one looking into perceptions and dimensionality of immigrant adaptation in academia, policy, and public opinion (Future Research Leaders 2013-2016) and the other on pathways to socio-economic and civic-political inclusion of ethnic minorities and the influence of family capital (SDAI Phase 3 2016-2017).

Additional expert tuition will be provided by:

Professor Jenny Phillimore- Director IRiS

Dr Nando Sigona- Deputy Director IRiS

Dr Chris Allen

Dr Ceren Ozgen

Mr Dave Newall


Date: Monday June 12th- Friday June 16th, 2017

Location: 22-28 Avenue d’Auderghem/Oudergemselaan
B-1040 Brussels, Belgium

Early bird rate for bookings (before Friday April 14th): 1000 Euro

Standard rate: 1200 Euro

Fees include- tuition costs, programme portfolio and support materials, as well as lunch, course reception and course dinner. All other travel, subsistence and accommodation costs are not included.

To book your place on the summer school please follow the link to our online shop:

For all summer school enquiries please contact:

Academic lead: Dr Lisa Goodson-

Administration lead: Richard Cook-

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