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12.04.2018 – Eurobarometer - Survey - Integration of immigrants in the European Union

In order to better understand how the EU institutions can work with Member States and other actors to respond to the challenges of integration, it is necessary to have a clearer understanding of public opinion on the issue. This survey uses a new set of questions specifically tailored to measure the attitudes of Europeans towards immigration and the integration of non-EU immigrants


  • Only a minority of Europeans say they are well informed about immigration and integration, and this is the case in most countries
  • Nearly four in ten Europeans say that the proportion of legally staying immigrants is higher than the proportion of illegally staying immigrants
  • Europeans tend to largely overestimate the number of non-EU immigrants as a proportion of the population of their country
  • Over half of Europeans feel comfortable with immigrants, and around six in ten of respondents interact with them on a weekly basis
  • Four in ten Europeans have personal ties with immigrants
  • Around four in ten Europeans think that immigration is more a problem than an opportunity, but this varies significantly by country
  • Just over half (54%) of Europeans agree that integration of immigrants has been a success in their local area, city or country, but this figure varies widely between countries
  • Europeans consider it particularly important for successful integration that immigrants speak the country's language
  • Nearly seven in ten Europeans say that integrating immigrants is a necessary investment in the long-run for their country
  • Most Europeans think integration is a two-way process in which both immigrants and society should play a role
  • Europeans are divided on whether their governments are doing enough to foster the integration of immigrants
  • Europeans are also divided on whether the media present immigrants objectively or too negatively

Full report available below:

Integration of immigrants in the European Union (9.92 Mo)
Eurobarometer 2018

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