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28.05.2018 – Eurostat - EU citizens in other EU Member States - 2017

4% of EU citizens of working age live in another. EU Member State Tertiary graduates more mobile than the rest of the population

3.8% of European Union (EU) citizens of working age (20-64) were residing in another Member State than that of their citizenship in 2017. This share has increased from 2.5% ten years ago. The situation varies among Member States, ranging from 1.0% for working age citizens of Germany to 19.7% for citizens of Romania.

Tertiary graduates are generally more mobile than the rest of the population. 32.4% of mobile EU citizens have tertiary education, while the share for the entire EU population is 30.1%.

The employment rate of mobile EU citizens is also higher than that of the entire population: 76.1%, compared with the total EU employment rate of 72.1%.

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EU citizens in other EU Member States (142.42 ko)

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